Handy web blogs for the persons who wants updated 

Why you need to stay updated?

We all belong to this beautiful world and want to share the glories, pleasures and the miseries faced by the people of the earth. Can be it be called a life worth living staying disconnected and disconcerted to the fellow humans? Obviously it is a meaningless exercise to live for your own that would invariably lead to insanity in attitudes and the behavior. You must be lively getting in touch with all the happenings of the earth and its people and sail along with the pulse of the humanity.

How do you stay updated?

For staying updated you have to toil such as reading news papers, reading articles written by the experts, discussing with the knowledgeable persons, getting in touch with the politicians of the world, know the trend in the socialist movements of the world, know the struggles that are being fought by the distressed and oppressed people of the world against the tyrants, known about the various forms of entertainments available in the world, learn the latest trends in the music and so on and so forth. After the advent of the internet, getting yourself appraised with the latest news has become easier than the earlier times. You will find web blogs such as help.gawker.com that offers you Kinja support. Kinja provides you the three aspects of staying updated namely read discover and discuss. The site provides easy and consistent reading experience throughout all its posts. You can also recommend the post if you like it so that the author knows about your liking.  The provisions are also made so that you are able to discover the favorite authors as well as commentators for keeping track of your favorite blogs. And all these are possible over a simple click of the mouse. It is also possible to enter into discussion with a view to be a part of the discussion by sharing your comment about the story and giving fresh insights.

Many web blogs in the internet

There are many such web blogs in the internet. The blog named ploughshares.org based in USA gives the international news items of consequences to the international peace and tranquility. Feel free to checkout these internet marketing strategies written by Coupon Machine India targeting on Why marketing fails sometimes. You can find the behind the scene information regarding such sensible issues such as the effectiveness of the sanctions on the North Korea, Cuba and Iran, the story behind the nuclear agreement with Iran and the sounds of opposition in the USA senate and many more. The minnpost.com is the other blog where you get to know world news based on Minnesota, USA. So you are able to search any type of blog that you intend to read via the medium of internet. Getting the information and staying updated and young in mind is quite easy nowadays provided you develop an inclination of reading.

If you do not have sufficient time to browse through the net for searching the site of your liking you may use the personal store web site such as wikipedia where you would get information in a single window.

The militant peaceful green struggle of the world

Why should we spoil our green earth?

The humans have been bestowed with the highest gift of the universe, the green and beautiful earth where we live, grow and perish joyfully leaving the space for the coming generations of our species. In spite of advanced research in space, till today there is no hint of such a world in the outer space beyond our good earth. But the humans in a craze to have material bliss and comfort have developed industries and vehicular traffics that are spoiling as well as polluting the atmosphere of our mother earth mercilessly for decades. The scientists had warned about the consequences of tampering with the nature many of which have already started to appear in the horizon in the shape of melting of icebergs of the polar regions thereby raising the level of the sea level due to global warming, perforation of the ozone layer of the atmosphere allowing the entry of the harmful UV rays of the sun, rise in the CO2 and other harmful substances in the atmosphere giving rise to carcinogenic and other diseases etc. The question therefore lies should we continue to damage our beautiful earth?

The power of silent protestations

The well wishing people of the earth have already started peaceful campaign against this. In this endeavor the role of the green blogs as well as magazines cannot be underestimated. In the internet there are many blogs struggling to convince the general mass against the ill effects of the rapid and indiscriminating industrialization. The green_blog.org is one such blog in which the reputed and recognized green fighters from all over the world writes about the various aspects of green destruction. The other blog named globalwitness.org is also quite effectively fighting the green destructions throughout the world. The campaign through write up against Uganda’s oil contract, fighting for the full transparency in the mining of the natural resources, fighting for uplift of the poor of the world etc are being carried out to arouse public opinion. The web site wildernessproject.org is working with the motto “inspiring humanity to protect our planet”. This site is also accepting small donation from the users so as to help the poor people of the world affected by green destruction. Another web site named carbonfund.org is campaigning for tree plantation and fighting for reducing carbon emission throughout the world. In this way the good people of the earth are fighting for the cause of the humanity in order to leave behind an earth that is safe and sustainable for our future generation.

You can access many more such sites by browsing the personal web site wikipedia. This acts as a single window for getting the similar information. By reading the informative articles in these blogs we can equip our minds in a way to fight the menace created by us in our zeal to rule the earth. We must understand that in order to save our species from complete withering away we have to take care of all the living things of the world particularly the plants.